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Give me a time when you dealt with an upset resident or customer and how did you overcome?

1 Answer

When answering any kind of customer service question, make sure to present yourself as a patient problem-solver who is able to maintain a professional demeanor. Listen to the resident's issue fully and try to get to the root cause of the problem so that you can find a logical solution that diffuses the situation.

What is the sales process.

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Outside of standard marketing (Handing out fliers, providing tours), what method or technique would you use to draw attention to the company and bring in prospective residents?

1 Answer

Can you work weekends?

6 Answers

Why i chose their company

5 Answers

What do you like to do in your free time.

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Tell about a time that you didn't make a deadline for a project and what you did

3 Answers

Tell me about a time that you had to deal with a difficult person.

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Are you willing to be gone two to three weeks at a time? Are you willing to travel 10-12 miles per month with 3-4 days off, prefererably 12000 miles, which included and mandatory all 48 states

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Why would you consider working for us

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