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Camden Property Trust
Leasing Consultant was asked...August 12, 2015

Give me a time when you dealt with an upset resident or customer and how did you overcome?

1 Answers

When answering any kind of customer service question, make sure to present yourself as a patient problem-solver who is able to maintain a professional demeanor. Listen to the resident's issue fully and try to get to the root cause of the problem so that you can find a logical solution that diffuses the situation. Less

Irvine Company

What is the sales process.

1 Answers

Make contact, understand exactly what they are looking for and find the best fit for them, then follow up with them and create a trusting relationship Less

Outside of standard marketing (Handing out fliers, providing tours), what method or technique would you use to draw attention to the company and bring in prospective residents?

1 Answers

Discuss budget privileges with the management team to organize an on-site leasing event, or party focused primarily upon offering unique rewards and incentives to prospective residents in attendance. Less

Pinnacle Property Management Services

Can you work weekends?

6 Answers


Absolutely I am looking to Work everyday and weakened too


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Steven Scott Management
Leasing was asked...September 12, 2017

Why i chose their company

5 Answers

because it looked stable and a good career opportunity

I would like to be part this company It have very good service and rating...

I would like to know why I did the application and I they never got back to me

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What do you like to do in your free time.

5 Answers

Faith,Family, Friends,


Beading, TV, reading

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Pegasus Residential

How important is looking professional and presentable at work to you?

4 Answers

Very important.

Very important

In my experience that way you dress and carry yourself at work , is reflective on your work performance. Less

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Pioneer Hotel & Gambling Hall

Tell about a time that you didn't make a deadline for a project and what you did

3 Answers

This one is easy. I never met a person or have been one myself that has not missed a deadline. If you have never missed a deadline, it may mean you're not ambitious enough to tackle large projects. Though, if this is true. Tell them your process. We would all love to know how to stick thoroughly to a deadline and see something to the end. If you never missed a deadline because you have never had a deadline to beat, then let them know you are punctual and eager to take on challenges with a deadline and willing to learn from it if it falls through. Usually, with a project or simply meeting with friends, you delegate or find a compromise. If a project cannot reach full completion or you're late to a meeting, describe what you have learned from it and measures you're taking to better yourself. For example, keeping a milestone calendar or breaking a project into steps. Less

I wish someone would answer this question. I'm in the same boat, but I feel it seems unrealistic. I plan on using a missed deadline from a high school or college experience to be safe. Someone save me if you know how to better address this question. Less

Never missed a timeline. Should I make one up?

AMLI Residential

Why do you think you would be a good fit for AMLI?

2 Answers

I have a great personality, that motivates other around , I truly enjoy working with the public, and self motivated . Great interpersonal skill and the ability to connect well with other . Organized , punctual, and will be a great asset to the team if provided an opportunity Less

general question but make sure you have a lot of enthusiasm for your job

Mack Trucking

Are you willing to be gone two to three weeks at a time? Are you willing to travel 10-12 miles per month with 3-4 days off, prefererably 12000 miles, which included and mandatory all 48 states

3 Answers

I would prefer to run from Washington to Arizona throughbevada Idaho and remain seven western states, but I budged to gain Wyoming Colorado and Utah to minimize it to 12 western for the position of 11000 miles per month with Mack leasing a truck to me. Less

Yes if money is right


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