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Colorado Department of Revenue
Legal Assistant II, Marijuana Enforcement Division was asked...March 21, 2017

Tell us about this thing we aren't legally allowed to ask about.

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Executive Office for United States Attorneys

It felt like I was being deposed. Extremely detailed questions about case law.

Department of Social Welfare and Development, Philippines

What are your strengths? What is you edge against the other applicants? How do you handle stress?

Superior Court, County of San Bernardino

Very straightforward questions, two supervisors interviewed me. What are your strengths and weaknesses, tell me about a time when you had to deal with a difficult customer, why should we hire you?….pretty okay questions. Nothing that you haven’t heard before at an interview. Also what experience do you have. I’ve worked there for 7 years and if you’re liked by management, then you can move up. Prepare to network, your education does not mean that you’ll move up.


Do you have experience filing with state, federal, and appellate courts?


How much experience do you have propounding discovery, drafting motions, and filing court documents?

Attorney General of Washington State

Why are you applying for this job, what makes you qualified, how do you deal with high work loads, how do you deal with high stress, describe a time when you messed something up and what did you to do to fix it, how well do you work in a team environment, what skills do you bring to the AG's office, what are your long term goals, what are your short term goals, how do handle a difficult co-worker and many more, just cant think of all of them. There were at least 20 questions.

Attorney General of Washington State

Why do you want to work for the Attorney General's Office?

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