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How do you prioritize multiple assignments from different people?

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If, after doing all that I can, I still have competing projects, I ask the "assigners" of the projects to talk amongst themselves and come to a consenses on who can adjust their deadline, etc.

I took a test on the computer where there were a series of legal terms I needed to know. There was also scenario-based questions about prioritizing work and in what order I would do this, with no other details. Question was something like what would you do first? Deal with the Subpoena just delivered, work on brief, file Summons and Complaint.

Deadlines are the general rule. Exception is, if high dollar amount, do first.

The asked me if I had any intention of boasting or bragging about the firm to my friends or family.

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Do you like coffee?

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What credentials do you have that qualifies you for this job?

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what do you know about what we do?

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how can you make the team more efficient?

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To be honest, the telephone interview was pretty good. I was asked several questions pertaining to education, past employment and even days that I would be available. However, when I met the HR rep in office, she seemed very disinterested and basically asked the same question that she posed over the phone. Then she asked for my writing sample and resume. Next day, I received a letter saying that I was not what they were looking for despite a great telephone interview and interviewer being "impressed" with my credentials.

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Whats your greatest weakness?

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How do you feel about insubordination? I do not tolerate it, I once had to fire an entire department because of it and I am not afraid to do it again.

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