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What policy area would you consider your specialty?

Describe how you would adjust to a less collaborative work environment?

How would you handle an irate customer if there therapy wasn't going well or their insurance information was incorrect according to their plan?

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Questions were not soft-ball and required on the spot analysis in some cases. I got hypotheticals from multiple interviewers and was asked to analyze them. The people were nice but they weren't just asking getting-to-know-you questions, but to determine exactly how you analyze problems in a high-pressure situation.

What are your Career goals. What is your experience in the role? One young member of the group from an Ivy league school (very aggressive and possibly arrogant) asked questions related to actual work assignments the person was working on. I though this was a bit disingenuous - we should do our work and not siphon free advice from interviewees with more knowledge and experience. This particular interviewers questions were either designed to make the person look smart (and not test my knowledge as the questions were very academic in nature and displayed a lack of real-world experience) or they displayed a clear lack of subject matter knowledge and were designed to elicit information so that they could do their job. Very weird. Further, the questions were quite tangential to the field we were operating in Legal / intellectual property but dressed up to look serious and intimidating. This person apparently had lots of sway in the group and was a big reason I chose not to pursue the opportunity further as I was sure that the person would be extremely difficult to work with.

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No unexpected questions or really anything in-depth about me, my background, or how my qualifications corresponded to the job description.

What do I do when a conflict arises with a co-worker?

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Tell me of a time when you worked as part of a team where there was conflict between the team members and the result was not what you wanted.

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