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Legal interview questions

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what do you think the most important characteristic of a successful secretary is?

1 Answer

anticipation - the answer was given to me after I gave a different answer. I was told legal secretaries should be able to know what the attorneys need before being asked.

Best way to defuse an upset probationer?

1 Answer

What credentials do you have that qualifies you for this job?

2 Answers

"Why should we hire you?"

2 Answers

Do you like coffee?

2 Answers

Why should we hire you when you don't have any experience with summation or trial director?

1 Answer

Whats your greatest weakness?

1 Answer

How to question various issues at difficult deposition with difficult witness. Various scenarios given.

1 Answer

What type of certifications/education you had in the information/systems fields and if I could work alone. Was I able to handle situations on my own and if I ran into a problem, could I figure it out or would I have to depend on another IT professional to walk me through a situation.

1 Answer

While interviewing with the person from Human Resources, I was told--point blank--that it was a "young office" (I'm in my forties), and would I have a problem with that.

1 Answer
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