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what do you think the most important characteristic of a successful secretary is?

2 Answers

anticipation - the answer was given to me after I gave a different answer. I was told legal secretaries should be able to know what the attorneys need before being asked.

Over the years, one thing that I have constantly learned is whatever you do in life, whether it is work,home or self you have to be on top of the things. Prioritize, structure what is important and needs your immediate attention and then then go for it. Knowing and prioritizing will pave a path to success and getting things done.

What would you do if 2 attorneys asked for different tasks, at the same time and both had the same filing deadline?

1 Answer

Give an example of a time when you gave great customer service.

1 Answer

What policy area would you consider your specialty?

What credentials do you have that qualifies you for this job?

4 Answers

What experience do you have that relates to the position?

3 Answers

What experience do I have with insurance carriers? What is my familiarity and comprehension of certain computer programs?

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Have you ever worked at a law firm before?

3 Answers

What is the most stressful part of your job and how do you handle it?

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How do you prioritize multiple assignments from different people?

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