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Library Assistant II was asked...May 25, 2017

How would you handle an unruly patron if your immediate supervisor was not present at the time?

1 Answers

I would listen to their complain looking them directly in the eyes so they know that i am giving them my full attention. After listening to the complaint I would try to offer a solution to their problem. Less

City of Chattanooga

Q: A patron demands to use a public computer after closing time - how do you respond?

1 Answers

Politely inform them that the library is closing and that the computer system has automatically turned off. If the patron escalated the situation, seek out a supervisor. Less

H ow to improve services to achieve our mission as a university

1 Answers

By equiping the library with more computers to enable the users to access services online as it will also save time, By purchasing the latest or new edition of textbooks,by training staff to enable them acquire new skills as we all know that there are a lot of changes in technology. Less

University of Ibadan

What is a library? What is classification in library

1 Answers

Library is the information hub that is made up of both printed and non printed materials Classification in the library means the process of selecting a similar materials and arranging them in a chronological order for easy accessibility Less

What would you say about your past manager?

The Johns Hopkins University

What did you like best and least in your last job?

The Johns Hopkins University

When was a time you felt you were creative in your work?

Portsmouth Public Library

What are your greatest weaknesses with working with the public?

Maricopa Community Colleges

Some behaviorial, some scenario questions. Asked why would be good fit .. Why are you applying for position .. What's your experience with that job.. May have second interview with just supervisor of dept after becoming preferred candidate .. And/or take Office test .. I had to illustrate Excel and Word experience only.


How would you react if one supervisor comes up to you and tells you do something, and then another supervisor later makes a different request?

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