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Peel District School Board
Library Support Services Technician was asked...June 10, 2017

If I had experience with multimedia resources--they wanted details. Sometimes they asked if you had experience with specific software or digital resources.

2 Answers

I tried to give them the experience they I had related to what they asked. Sometimes I just had to say that I didn't have that experience. Less

how long after did anyone get a call after applying online?

What do you think are the responsibilities of the position you are applying for.

1 Answers

I repeated the job description and responsibilities that were advertised online. The answer did not seem satisfactory. Less

St. Joseph County Public Library

Many basic questions related to customer service experience.

1 Answers

Discussed specific examples.

Moody Bible Institute

How do you know you are saved?

1 Answers

I talked about my conversion, and my current faith.

LAC Group

Please arrange these books in order using Library of Congress classification.

1 Answers

Before the interview I brushed up on my classification skills with the LC Easy training program (I used a demo I found online because the program itself is expensive). Less

City of Berkeley

What school course work or training was relevant to this type of job

1 Answers

I think this is where I didn't land the job although I had 5+ years of experience and I should have told them about all the computer classes and science classes because those basically are all relevant to IT. Though this job was to just help people with passwords and who knows where these guys fund this IT staff from. It pays a LOT more than the IT job I had. So much that you can buy a really nice house and car just for doing work that sounds easier than working at mcdonalds to me. Less

National Library of Medicine

I was asked how well I work in a team environment

1 Answers

I work very with others. I am an great team player and very supportive. I believe in getting the job done without any personal acknowledgement or gain. the project is first priority." If one looks bad we all look bad." Less

City of Waco

Am I able to read shelves, store items, log ill, collect fines

1 Answers

yes I can read shelves, store items, log ill, collect fines

None of the questions were so difficult, but I guess the one about me being willing to work with all patrons, regardless of race or station was a bit unexpected for me, since I don't see those as being issues.

1 Answers

Overall, this library is a good place to work, however, there are several undertones of racism, which needs to be addressed. Less

Library of Congress

What computer programs are you familiar with using?

1 Answers

Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, etc

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