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Senior Care Therapy
Licensed Clinical Social Worker LCSW was asked...October 28, 2021

how long I've been in the field

1 Answers

7 years

Strive Health

Why you chose the company?

1 Answers

I was contacted based on my resume being on different sites.

MPAC Healthcare

asking what type of therapeutic approaches I use, and explaining how I interact with members of IDT

1 Answers

explained how I empower residents, provide emotional support, and validate their experiences Less

Michigan Medicine

Describe a challenging case and what you learned from it.

1 Answers

I was working within a multidisciplinary clinic where we had to collaborate on patients plan of care. Specifically we were often in charge of making referrals to obtain specialized medical equipment. Our team was struggling to address the timeliness of referrals and how fast those referrals were being followed up on. This was starting to negatively impact patient care as patients weren’t getting vital and necessary equipment for their health and wellbeing. As a team, we were struggling with clear communication, so I set up a meeting with the medical director and team to discuss team roles and responsibility so we had clear guidelines and expectations. After that, I wrote out a process flow for referrals to make sure we were accountable as a team. Less

Beebe Healthcare

Name a time you were faced with challenges at your work?

1 Answers

Working in a multi- Discipline team in a hospital setting I have been faced with many challenges such as the team not agreeing on discharge dates. Less



1 Answers

I deferred to see what they were thinking. They actually offered $60K-$63K if I saw 8 patients a day at 30 minutes, which included doing the paperwork in front of the patient during the 30 minutes and did not include moving from one patient's room to another (within 1 facility, I assume.) Salary depended on the number of patients you saw so of course there was no guarantee. This was a gross insult to the clinical social work profession as well as to myself, and unfortunately this is the wave of healthcare today and companies like this get away with it. Less

Denver Health and Hospital Authority

I can't recall exactly but it included my clinical experience, communication style with colleagues, why Denver Health...

1 Answers

I discussed my clinical background and answered how I communicate with colleagues. Less

Southern Health Partners

How I would handle someone who is unruly.

1 Answers

I said with patience, and understanding. Also I would call on my teammates if I could not overcome this hurdle with a client. Less


What treatment modalities due to use in your current position?

1 Answers

I explained how I've used CBT, DBT, ACT to help my clients meet their goals.


How do you manage difficult clients?

1 Answers

I answered that the difficult ones tend to be my favorite, because once they are engaged, they are the sweetest clients of the bunch. I don't push them, but just be present. Less

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