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Licensed Practical Nurse Charge Nurse Interview Questions


Licensed practical nurse charge nurse interview questions shared by candidates

Top Interview Questions

Do you have any long term experience?

1 Answer

I'm straight out of nursing school. I just received my LPN License.

How do you handle CNAs who are not getting their work done?

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If you noticed that someone on your shift was behaving inappropriately or unfairly to one of our residents, what would you do?

If you found out one of the workers were stealing a resident's medication, what would you do?

They asked why I wanted to work at that facility.

1 Answer

How long had I been a nurse, why did I leave my previous employment,etc.

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Why do you want to work here?

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What can you offer the company or facility? How do you handle stressful situations or people? What would you do when facing thus and so situations? Are you able to effectively supervise Nursing Assistants work?

I don't remember. I think one was "What are your best qualities?"

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