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Engineering Interview Questions in Limerick, Co. Limerick


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Why are manhole covers round?

1 Answer

They are heavy and can easily moved by rolling. They are round because the manhole is round. They are round because a square lid could fall down the hole if dropped diagonally.

Interesting question - How to manage changes in the organisation.

1 Answer

Voltage at the output of a BJT connected with a series of resistors

1 Answer

They ask you your past history and experience

1 Answer

No difficult questions, just asked me questions about myself, the typical "where do you see yourself in 10 years" and "what are my hobbies"

Can you configure routing protocols and have you done that in a working environment as opposed to a lab Environment (GNS3, Packet tracer)

AC analysis, the question was so simply that it seemed to be very difficult.

ASP.Net MVC, HTML, javascript and SQL Server

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