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User has lost root password, how do you reset?

5 Answers

init 1, change root password... I missed this one.

"init 1" doesn't always work, if you're not already root some systems will ask you for root password, and if you're not logged into the system ? What always works is to boot of a live CD, mount the file system with /etc, edit the /etc/passwd, /etc/shadow file.

Actually the easiest way to do this is to single the box in run-level 1 then use the standard passwd tools to update the hash. That's far simpler than using a live cd and editing the shadow file. This a network based kvm. is an operation that can be done at the DC or over ipmi or

Can you write the code to generate the Fibonacci sequence?

4 Answers

Define the difference between a hub and a switch

3 Answers

How do you control processes on a Linux server?

3 Answers

When does DNS use TCP instead of UDP

3 Answers

How do you change a list of words in a file from slug format to Capitalized words? (ie police_officer to Police Officer)

2 Answers

Know basic DNS record types

2 Answers

Write perl code to find the number of lines in a file

3 Answers

How do you set the permissions of a file so the owner has read/write and all others have read-only access?

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What is the difference between run level 3 and run level 5

2 Answers
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