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How to get CPU usage for processes without using top command How to get the second field in a csv file with awk How to write a for loop in bash Etc

What is your religion?

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Had one HR interview, followed by 4 technical phone interviews with the team members. After that, I had an all day interview with 15 different people. It was intense. This are some of the questions they asked me: - What is SELinux? - Scripting questions -What is your experience testing software? (i got this one over and over all day) -What is TCP/IP -Python question -How do you check free disk space on a linux server - How do you transfer files between systems? -What is AWS availability zone? -What is docker? -How does a computer work(technical perspective)? -High availability -General questions about myself -why am i leaving.

Questions were asked about NFS, SAN, OpenStack, generic system security, RAID, CIDR, HTTP status codes, TCP handshake, system boot process, LVM, IPMI(Dell DRAC), and HA terminology.

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Describe the sorts of information contain in the /proc directory.

Tell me what you know about the company, and why do you want to work here

What can you do for us?

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Oracle process %30 user CPU, %60 system CPU, %10 idle, CPU what does this mean?

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