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When does DNS use TCP instead of UDP

4 Answers

DNS use TCP for zone transfer.

Agreed....used for zone transfer....

Maximum UDP packet size is 512 bytes (or 4096, with the extension of DNS protocol). When the request is larger then a max. UDP size, DNS will switch to TCP.

User has lost root password, how do you reset?

10 Answers

Can you write the code to generate the Fibonacci sequence?

5 Answers

Write perl code to find the number of lines in a file

3 Answers

"What are your favorite command to use at the linux command line"

4 Answers

How do you control processes on a Linux server?

4 Answers

Define the difference between a hub and a switch

3 Answers

Can you give me an example of how to use awk?

3 Answers

Know what the lsof command does.

2 Answers

1. Tell me about yourself 2. DNS 3. DHCP 4. Do you know perl 5. Do you know OpenStack

2 Answers
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