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When a conflict comes up in class, what would be your first approach at handling the situation?

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This is a very general question and there are many adequate answers, I feel. I would recommend describing a specific scenario of a conflict between student and student or teacher and student. My response was just to stay calm at all time, as kids are very perceptive to negative reactions, and use any method that prolongs the situation and allow the student to blow some heat off. After they reach a more reasonable state, I would make sure that everybody is okay and then move on from the situation. Often time, with younger kids, conflicts are forgotten within a couple hours, so the most important part that I prioritize is to avoid the escalation of dispute.

What is your favorite children's book?

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How would you interest the child(ren) into doing an activity that they never seen before or doesn't want to participate in?

what is the a strong quality your past employers would say you possess or have complimented you on ?

What place does reading have in my life?

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What is a piece of constructive feedback you've gotten and how did you apply it?

They asked me about why I considered community service to be important to me.

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Why do you want to work for Reading Partners?

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