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Consultant Interview Questions in Little Rock, AR


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They will grab some random object (pen, sheet of paper, a picture frame) and ask you to convince them to buy it.

1 Answer

This is to gauge your selling skills. The best way (IMO) to handle this scenario is to ask questions that will lead them into the object. For the pen you might ask.,"how do you currently write on papers and notebooks" or "how often do you sign forms and fill out paperwork"

What has your biggest failure been in your sales career?

1 Answer

why I thought the position fit my experience?

how you handle volume

1 Answer

Describe a difficult situation you experienced and how you handled it.

1 Answer

How do you deal with stress in the work place? How do you overcome objections?

name a situation where you had a difficult objection to overcome

Why do you want to work for us?

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