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Mortgage Loan Underwriter III was asked...May 30, 2014

What is a 1003?

3 Answers

Mortgage home loan application

Residential Home Loan Application

Mortgage loan application

Wells Fargo

What is the difference between a person who mismanages debt and one who has excrutiating circumstances

2 Answers

a person who mismanages debt does so irresponsibly, the person who has an excrutiating circumstance is someone who has a life changing event, such as losing a job or getting into a horrible accident which can cause them to not pay bills. Less

A person that mismanages money is probably immature and irresponsible. And a person under excruciating circumstances is someone going through something that's out of their control. Less

Wells Fargo

What is risk layering?

1 Answers

Customer maxes out debts and refinances mortgage. Increases risk.

Wells Fargo

Has there ever been a time where you needed to bend the rules to accomplish a goal? (The answer is "no")

2 Answers

No, this is a question about being morally sound and ethical

It depends. sometimes rules are created by groups of people who have no role or idea of the type of work done or the systems in which it takes place and it is only by those people who "bend" the rules to complete or accomplish a goal that either: a-efficiencies are put into place to alter or adjust the previous rule to make it less restrictive or more sensible to do it another way or b-the rule is modified to be more restrictive or clear-cut since it may have been too vague and said rule was broken or bent (knowingly or unknowingly) bc people didn't understand it or it wasn't all-encompassing enough. sometimes rules have 'exceptions' -- my DTI is 49% but my LTV is 30% and the bwr has $1.2mm in the a judgment call has to be made. everyone on earth has to answer yes to this question, so do you get marked off if you give a firm NO?? or if you answer honestly but give a rationale, reasonable justification for why, at least you were honest and 'showed your work'..? Less

Wells Fargo

What was a time you remember that was difficult and how did you handle and resolve it

2 Answers

I was clueless as I don't typically dwell on issues-I guess I always would seek necessary help up front so that there would not be a problem in the end. Less

questions like that always throw me bc on the spot you end up thinking of the most ridiculous personal example ever like, "my cat was laying on my lap last night and looked so comfy but the remote was just out of reach and Freddy Got Fingered was about to come on :(" you know you have to say something like, "whilst scavaging the war torn wasteland of Sudan on a top secret mission to rescue refugees, I got bit by a Black Mamba, but because it was dark and the mission so important, I made the difficult decision to amputate my own leg and soldier on, where I ended up rescuing over 500 refugees all by myself since the rescue plane left without us (and because I refused to leave anyone behind) I carried them on my back across country lines, ultimately swimming back to the U.S. because Refugee #295 may have had dysentery (which I also cured). Less

Credit Union of Texas

How do you prefer communication from your direct supervisor.

1 Answers



Are you able to tell peope no (turn them down)?

1 Answers

I replied yes, I didn't have a problem with that b/c I would explain why he/she was turned down. Less

Wells Fargo

More on Tax returns and general underwriting questions. some calculations.

1 Answers

I have an interview next week also former WF employee what did they offer you.

Wells Fargo

Typical corporate interview questions: list your flaws, attributes, examples of when you did something at a previous employer.

1 Answers

Best to practice answering questions like this prior to interview. Having conducted interviews myself many people stumble on answering questions about their flaws. Less

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