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Localization Project Manager was asked...December 13, 2017

What would you do if you were behind in delivering a localization project to a client? Other regular, get-to-know you questions.

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I answered that the first thing I would do would be to communicate with localizers, since as PM's we live and die on their schedule. The best answer would've been to ask more questions in order to familiarize myself with their own, internal process. Less


Fairly standard questions, plus an aptitude test

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How I handle stressful situations. PM tasks. Very practical and oriented to the job in question.

1 Answers

Related to my past experience and how deadlines can help motivate me. Used Excel to work out some of the situations. Be prepared to understand the Language industry Less


How would you prioritize what to localize before a product launch?

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First: Translation of text. Can it be done in house? If not, select translation outfit based on price, firm longevity and reputation (Evaluating reputation is tricky) Second: Photos/images [I did it at Quinstreet for Italian] When localizing photos evaluates the need to change the photo. Example: Is showing a blonde guy valuable in the Ethiopian market, or is better to show a local resident? Obviously, changing photos is more expensive. Sometimes, removing original text, can be difficult in case of superposition. Would changing the location of the photo better? Example: Change Statue of Liberty to Eiffel Tower for French and the Kremlin for the Russian Third: Audio Media. In some cases, example, instructions on installation, this is a must. In other cases, example, entertainment, the original media might be best. Or placing media in local language could work better. Fourth: Applications. Do it if necessary. This can be expensive in some cases, or inexpensive is some other cases Fifth: Videos. This can be very expensive. Is there a budget for it? Is the expense worth it? Opinions contrary to the above are welcome, I am not perfect. Less

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What project/ software do you like best at school?

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It is hard to say which one, but I guess everybody has its own preference. And I answered what I felt was my best. Less


How do the sound recordings take place at smaller projects

1 Answers

Usually 3 samples from different actors are recorded and then sent to review for the Dev team/Producers/design and loc managers. Local dev team member usually takes care of procuring the recordings Less


Could you ensure that you could get to the office on 30-minutes notice? (Company facilities are in very expensive neighborhood with no affordable housing w/in 2 hour commute.)

1 Answers

No. I plan my work day effectively, and nothing crucial remains undone at end-of-day. Less


If all the projects are important and urgent which do you complete first

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I failed it


If one team gives you a project and another team is also asking you to work on a project, how would you prioritize and communicate?

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Think about the whole picture. Which one is more urgent that needs to be prioritized in the program level? Less


Describe the difference between translation, localization, internationalization, and globalization.

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The translation is the most narrow definition among the 4, it means the conversion from the source text to the target text. Localization is the whole process of adapting an entire product into a foreign market, so it will be acceptable by the target audiences. Internationalization (l18n) means the adaptation of product coding and product design to be more easily localized into another language. Globalization is a corporate strategy to expand its market around the world, this includes broader efforts like marketing and product design. Less

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