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How long had I been working in satellite communications? How long had you worked with Cisco switches? How long had you worked with satellite modems? Have you terminated CAT 5/6? Have you installed equipment into racks?

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Six years in the Navy and a year and a half with JPI (in Afghanistan) Three years with Cisco switches 1 1/2 years with satellite modems Terminated many cables in the past 1 1/2 years Use to build racks when I worked with GloTech

What's your favorite course? What's your project? Why do you think you fit this position.

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Nothing difficult during the interview process. First Advantage, co. that does background investigations required nearly two months of time and constant letters in the mail citing failure, but they would never call and ask a question. It required me to do extensive leg work that is a paid task for the third party to perform.

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Position required strong leadership skills and most of the questions were geared towards that. Example: How would you segregate high and low performers in your team, how would you subsequently assign work to each of them while maximizing learning and ensuring work gets done?

I was asked to describe three of my weaknesses, and the steps that I use to overcome them.

Tell me about a time you struggled in a team project to meet a dealine

Tell a time when you had to adapt to your a situation at work.

Lean manufacturing in logistics. Past experience relating to the current job position. Root cause analysis (in depth)

What makes you fit for this position and differentiates you from the rest of the applicants?

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