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What times of the year do you think it's especially hard to get driver supply out?

2 Answers

On holidays. That's why the price surge on these days is an incentive for the drivers to work.

Holidays indeed, but more importantly around "the holidays." People aren't as willing to give up their precious time off to bust their behinds driving people around.

Do you have experience with record compliance as it relates to the DOT?

1 Answer

Describe two metrics you would want to see to evaluate the effectiveness of a driver recruitment program.

2 Answers

It was a pretty unorganized interview and the questions were not very engaging. There were not any questions that really stood our as difficult or unexpected.

3 Answers

Whether I saw myself as a profession student because I was seeking my doctoral degree.

1 Answer

How long had I been working in satellite communications? How long had you worked with Cisco switches? How long had you worked with satellite modems? Have you terminated CAT 5/6? Have you installed equipment into racks?

1 Answer

How should you respond to the city officials claiming that Uber disadvantages older drivers unfamiliar with technology?

6 Answers

What is your exposure to, or experience with, P&Ls?

1 Answer

If you had all the money in the world, what would you do?

1 Answer

How owuld you use metrics to determine if a flat fee was working?

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