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Questions about past drug history during college. (specifically scenarios about marijuana use) What would you do if you were riding in a friends car and they were smoking marijuana?

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Nothing. It's their car and there I'm personally not committing an offense. (At this point they had asked multiple "hypothetical" situations about drug use and I knew the answer they "wanted" to hear) Eventually I made a snide comment to the effect of : I know what you want me to say, stop and get out of the car or tell them to put it out, but I'm not going to do that, you asked me to be honest and I'm giving you an honest answer. I'm not breaking any laws and I know you want me to say I wouldn't associate with people who have a history of drug use, but I'm not going to lie-I'm not going to tell you what you think is the right answer. I would stay in the car...period.

Why should you be a military officer over someone else?

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What is your leadership style?

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