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Data Scientist Interview Questions in London, UK

"Every business collects data, and it's the job of the data scientist to analyze, interpret, and communicate that information in a way that will help drive company decisions. In an interview, expect to answer technical questions about your ability to perform quantitative tests as well as create clear visualizations of large, complex data sets. Come ready to discuss past projects you've worked on and how you communicate data findings clearly and concisely in order to help solve business-related problems."

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Describe the greeks and how they are used in options pricing theory.

2 Answers

Why would you care about this? Not even remotely related to the role. And still, it was asked both on the phone interview and on site. Ridiculous.

Hi - Thanks for your feedback. We would like the opportunity to talk this through with you. Could you email us at with your contact details. Many thanks.

What was your salary in Belgium?

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Are you willing to spend 2 months in California being trained?

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I was asked to complete a complex and open-ended data science task. Really used the full range of my data science skills.

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Describe a machine learning process

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Walk through the resume

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Regularization Methods?

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1. Tell us about yourself 2. why king 3. Do you play games? what kind of king games do you play? 3. Some basic multiple choice question about machine learning, SQL, database, and probability

- Data science process and techniques - ML techniques - Use of cloud for data science

Tell me about bagging, parameters random forest. Why do you want to work at QB? How does PCA work?

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