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Director Interview Questions in London, UK

"When applying for a position as a director, be prepared to have your leadership skills and judgement tested by many case studies. These scenarios help employers understand what kind of leader you will be for a team or department at their company, so confidence, quick thinking, and examples of how you have fixed similar problems in the past will be highly advantageous towards receiving an offer."

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How many people are online right now in the UK

35 Answers

Found the process pretty laborious, found one employee pretty offensive and felt like they relished in asking tricky questions totally unrelated to the role. Totally put me off working for them.

Anyone who is using the internet

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"How many people born in 2013 were called Gary? Tell us how you arrive at your answer"

16 Answers

What will you be famous for?

12 Answers

How many calories are in a grocery store?

9 Answers

what makes you think you would fit for this role? don t you think you are over qualified for the role

8 Answers

What three words would you use to describe Apple products

7 Answers

How do you define quality?

7 Answers

All linked to the Amazon leadership principles.

8 Answers

What's a bond

7 Answers

how do you prioritize when there's no prioritization possible

6 Answers
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