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Intern Interview Questions in London, England

Intern Interview Questions in London, England

From retail to finance to medicine, every industry needs interns to provide additional support and assistance. Interview questions will vary greatly depending on the industry and role you are looking for. Expect to answer questions about how you work on teams and provide examples of any relevant work experience. To ace your interview, make sure to research the particular position you are applying for.

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Basic Maths, probability, a brain teaser. suppose you are standing at 1/3 the length of a bridge and you hear a train coming from backwards. You have just enough time to run back and get off the bridge before the train hits you. You also have just enough time if you decide to run forwards. What is the relative speed between you and the train.

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The brain teaser was probably the hardest question (to do mentally). Despite that, I managed to get the right answer that the train will have to have twice the speed that I have. But I could not really explain my resoning very clearly and did a mistake in one of the mental maths questions they asked me previously. The interviewer was very quiet. After asking the questions it felt almost like they hung up the phone.

Why twice? Image you run 1/3 forward, at this time, train should have just reached the bridge behind you since if you run backward for the same distance you will just meet the train. After you run 1/3 forward, train is following you from behind, then train and you will meet at the other end together, which means at the same time train runs three times the distance of you.

i got train is 3 times of your speed

A task in which I was required to print all numbers between 1 and a million - with no repeating digits - Easy enough! Just can throw you off guard a bit

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How many times does the Earth rotate around its own axis while it makes one revolution around the sun?

5 Answers

Sum all the odd numbers between 1 to 100

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We have a tricycle and we are going to travel on it for a thousand miles. We also have two spare tires with us. If you want each of them to be worn the same by the end of the journey, what is minimum number of stops you have to make in order to achieve this?

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Count the number of bits set in an integer. What is your favorite language and what you don't like about that language.

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What interests you about the World Food Programme?

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Do you know project cycle management? Would you be ready to go anywhere? How do you like to be managed?

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At the bus stop 3/4 of commuters leave the bus and 7 new come in. This process repeats 3 times. What is the minimal number of people initially in the bus.

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Why do you want to work for the civil service

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