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International Consultant Interview Questions in London, England


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Why do you want to do this?

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The money. (they approved of this answer)

What was your last experience?

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Example of my excel skills and how developed they are

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Advice: 1. Understand the department that you are applying to. 2. Be ready to explain of their products. 3. Prepare your questions really. 4. Personality are so easy, however, they are so important, be ready to give real life example. Rehearse with a friend. 5. Read the press release on their website, and financial announcement. For example, you can know the growth of your department, or what is the percentage of revenue that ur Department get the company? 6. Read about the competitors, why markit is especial? Good luck

Some Typical interview questions, walk over the CV, what are your weaknesses? What do you want to work at markit? what are you career goals? ..etc The technical ones were: 1. How to chose between government bond in Germany and Brazil? following up quesion? what is duration? What is the difference between equity and bonds? how investors chose there between bonds and equities? what is my risk appetite? how much would i invest in Bonds and Stocks, as I am 23, or if I am 45? What do know about SQL? what is EDM? Can you give an example of how would our EDM services help our clients?

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Where do you see yourself with Flight Centre in 5-10 years. Not knowing the structure of the company that's difficult to answer- which is what I said.

You had to memorize a script or a persuasive argument to convince the interviewer to purchase a product. Very rude recruiter who did not give much information about the position, company or anything overall related to the position or interview. Expected the candidate to be completely informed about the company even though the information was not available.

How would you try to convince a student to book a room in a residence?

Geography and maths test

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