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Manager Interview Questions in London, UK

"Companies count on managers to make smart team decisions and oversee group members in order to maintain deadlines and keep operations running smoothly. Be prepared to answer several situational questions that will evaluate your time management skills, problem solving abilities, and ease in leading a team. Employers will also expect you to be well-versed in products and operations, so make sure to brush up on the department's relevant work."

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How do you take care of cost and profitability in your projects

3 Answers

Hi! How did your interview go? Was it the partner interview or the first round/case study interview? I had my case study interview and executive director interview couple of days back. Still waiting to hear back.

BTW...just to mention that I interviewed for the same position in Program Advisory services as well. Do let me know.

Hi! Have heard about your subsequent rounds? Any progress? I guess their processes are quite slow. I am also waiting..............Had applied for a position in Advisory.

"How would you deal with someone who hates you"

2 Answers

Store issue

2 Answers

Are bond prices affected more by a yield change at high or low yields?

4 Answers

My ideal role

2 Answers

How would you work out how many queries on Bing are related to Music and Entertainment?

2 Answers

How many times does the Earth rotate around its own axis while it makes one revolution around the sun?

5 Answers

What would you change at Google?

3 Answers

To describe t-statistics

1 Answer

If a pub had 6 staff, four of which worked part time on 4 hours a day at £8 per hour, how much would your monthly overhead be for staff costs assuming an 8 hour day and 6 day working week?

2 Answers
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