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Marketing Intern Interview Questions in London, England

"As a marketing intern, you must come with the attitude to support the marketing department, but also the understanding that you are there to acquire experience. In your interview, be sure to emphasize your analytical, advertising, and interpersonal skills to make for a good candidate. Expect to be asked about any of your previous sales experience, how you can contribute to their team, and potentially role-play a situation where you must sell your interviewer a product."

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The 3 things you would like to achieve this year.

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Demonstrate you are an all rounder and not just focused on academic achievements

Why do you want to work for L'Oreal and Why the marketing department?

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Brainteaser: 9 Ball Bearings, a set of balancing/hanging scales. 1 ball bearing is slightly lighter than the rest (you are not told exactly how much lighter) and the other 8 balls weigh exactly the same. You have two opportunities to use the scales. Determine which ball is the lighter.

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What software experience do you have? e,g video editing

Tell me about a difficult situation and how you solved it

Describe a time when you used an innovative solution to solve a complex problem.

What experience do you have in marketing?

What is an entrepreneurial task that you are most proud of?

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