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In interview: "Other than your degree, what is your greatest achievement?" Also: "What is success?"

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Hi there. Hope you're well. I understand that there were 3 5-minute interviews. Can you please tell me what kinds of questions they asked in the business/behavioural interview? Would be much appreciated! Kind regards.

The two I mentioned were the only off-beat questions, the rest were standard questions about education, experience etc that will come naturally.

Unexpected Scenario - I was been informed that the company follow dress down policy daily. But there was some thing new that, they don't follow documentation. And the place really doesn't look like a corporate world. Things looked shattered with employee wearing casual and shorts. I am happy that I didn't got the offer, because my career would have been a question mark once I plan to move from Belmont.

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Worst thing - To complete the whole task within 1 Hr is just ridiculous. It took 30mins for me to create the DB,Tables,insert Datas and make connection from Dot net page. And for the reset of the query commands it took another 30mins. My code didn't had any bugs but it was incomplete. I gave my best of what I can do in 1Hr. But I was really gutted when the IT manager just saw that incomplete didnt even uttered to see the full code and ended the interview.

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Boxing unboxing, improving sql select in terms of performance, multiple catch blocks, value type , reference type, agile scrum, threadpool .

Mainly personal experience questions, e.g. do you prefer Java or Python and why?

Ask you to talk about your CV, what is your experience as a .NET developer and then depending on the position few things about the role. For example if you are going to work as a ASP.NET developer be prepared to answer questions such as MVC, Razor Views, Dependency Injection, SOLID principles and some questions regarding C#. They also asked me some basic questions regarding SQL.

Mainly the basic questions relating to C# .NET such as what is a struct, what is a class, what is a reference type, what is a value type, etc. He also asked about scrum and agile. The questions were pretty standard. Nothing too difficult.

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