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Product Manager Interview Questions in London, UK

Often considered the "CEO" of their product area, product managers oversee the strategy, production, and implementation of a particular product. Because product management teams include members from different backgrounds such as engineering, design, and data design, product managers must have strong communication skills and excel in cross-functional work environments. Expect to answer questions about your management abilities, prioritization skills, and experience working in product. Though not required, technical backgrounds are advantageous particularly when applying for roles at tech companies.

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How many times does the Earth rotate around its own axis while it makes one revolution around the sun?

5 Answers

Little more than 365

The earth completes 1 rotation on its own axis approximately every 24hrs The earth completes 1 rotation around the sun approximately every 365 days So the number of rotations on it's own axis after completing 1 rotation around the sun is: 24 rotations per day x 365 days = 8,760 rotations.

one time more than the number of days in a year

in response to saying that i can fit into any social environment i was asked if i was an "actor and if i was acting at this current time" I assume it was to do that i could think on my feet

1 Answer

What do you understand about tagging?

1 Answer

I was asked to provide an example (actual document) of my previous work.

1 Answer

Showing a product: tell me what this products USP, what does it stand for, decribe colours, aethetics impression, fragrance

1 Answer

"I see you say on your CV you've got an eye for detail, but here on your CV I see two formatting/grammar issues"

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Why did [my company at the time] lose money last year?

1 Answer

How would you enhance the value prop of a product? How would you know if the product is delivering on this value proposition?

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How would you design an App for merchants using GoCardless?

1 Answer

Imagine you are the product manager for an app and you have things you want to do: fix bugs that result in app crashes, develop new acquisition features, develop engagement driving features, etc. etc. How would you prioritize.

1 Answer
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