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Senior Financial Analyst Interview Questions in London, UK

"Senior financial analysts are respected for their expertise, exemplified by their attention to detail, confidence, and accuracy. In an interview context, expect to be questioned on technical questions, your previous experiences, and hypothetical situations that require your analysis and recommendation. Most importantly, come prepared with knowledge on the company and the industry, as well as the challenges that it faces."

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Tell me why your interested in Genwoeth

1 Answer

This was my big mistake......I bluffed that I was!! Durr!!!

Telephone - Why do you want this role, Why ASOS? SWOT analysis on differing Prices Why ASOS? How would you improve the ASOS website? Would you acquire another brand?

Asked whether I would be happy in a very transaction based role

1 Answer

Tell me about a time when you have encountered risk?

Tell me more about your professional experience that I would not be able to find on your CV; within last year, tell me about one new thing that you have learned; tell me about one thing / goal you set for yourself this year, etc. And then the usual - what's your current salary, notice period with your current employer, how are you eligible to work in the UK, etc.

20 questions centred on overcoming difficult situations, mistakes, etc. The questions overlapped quite a lot

what do you know about top to bottom approach or bottom to top approach