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Count the number of bits set in an integer. What is your favorite language and what you don't like about that language.

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This question totally caught me off guard because I haven't dealt anything about bit manipulation before

>Count the number of bits set in an integer I assume that this questrion suppose to count 1's (1 = bit is set(or enabled)) 1 - enter an integer (for example 2) 2 - put binary form of 2 into a string and count 1's (in C++ you can use a bitset and it's method called count: ... bitset x(number); cout << x.count(); //count number of 1's (bits which set) ...

The interviewer probably wanted you to use bit-wise operations. In java you would bit-wise "and" the number with 1 left-shifted by a number i from 0 to 31. This would return zero if the i-th bit is not set, or something other than zero otherwise. public int getBits(int n) { int count=0; for(int i=0;i<31;i++)//bit which we are checking { if(n & (1<


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How do you calculate fatigue load on a bolt given some parameters

Two of the interviews had algorithm questions, other two had design questions, one functional programming interview and one coding interview.

Can't give you the technical review questions. First non-technical phone-call, i'm asked about sorting algorithms and their complexity and OS-memory related stuff.

The questions in the interview were not hard. They were general. The most important part of the interview was a description of past projects I worked on and my view on approaching the project related to the job offer.

How would you gather input from users (name, dob, address) and reprocate the same as output?

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Write a function that converts a positive integer to its representation in the English language (for example, Two-Thousand-Forty-Four) .

The technical problem wasn't something very difficult at first sight, but the trick was finding out the most efficient solution, which involved using tries. This solution was not implementable in 45 minutes, so the interviewer asked me to implement a specific part from the solution. There were very few behavioural questions, and nothing unexpected.

The only problem was: design the "fill with paint" function, for an mspaint-like program.