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Asked question: Using an already implemented method Rand5() that generates a random integer between the ranges 1-5 uniformly. Using this method, implement a a new method that returns a random integer in the range 1-7 uniformly, i.e. Rand7(). Basically this is Rejection Sampling Algorithm. See

2 Answers

No need for sort in array question as it will increase running time to O(2log2) not good. Instead... Set largest to first element Set second largest to largest Loop over every element, if current value greater than largest then set second largest to largest and then set largest to current value else if value greater than second largest set second largest to value continue loop return second largest

/* following is based on the link provided in the interview question above */ int Rand7() { int[] arr = new int[21] {1..21}; int idx = int.MaxValue; do { idx = (Rand5() - 1) * 10 + Rand5() -1; if(idx20) }

The hardest answer they asked me is the next one: If you are writing an automated test for a set-top-box, how would you check that there's video being shown on the screen?

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Write a function that takes a position (x,y) in a go game graph and returns a boolean telling if this position contains a white or black piece and if this piece is trapped or not.

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what is difference beyween Vostro and Nostro Accounts in terms of Bank perspective located in different country

Phone: How would you write a decorator? Binary tree node count. Binary tree find highest node value. Implement `max`. Make `max` work for a custom class. In person: Discuss a project, Describe the best team you've worked on, How would your friends describe you?

Last interview was very disappointing as the manager was not convinced with my answers. They did not see how I performed in rest of the interviews and rejected me. What a shame. never mind. It's a big wastage of time as a candidate and so much frustration as one travels on his/her expenses for interviews. There is no communication between the team I think.

Q: why you want to work in this company? What skills are still missing that this company could be your next move?