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Technical Solutions Consultant Interview Questions in London, UK


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How does http/dns/the-web work

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1. When you sleep at nights, what kind of dreams do you have? 2. Most people in this office have a degree, why did you decide to go for a Masters? 3. Are your parents divorced?

Screening questions: mix of troubleshooting, quick coding question, questions about internet building blocks "One site" - Technical, Peer, Cross-Functional Peer and Hiring Manager. All of these are explained in detail and you should be briefed by a recruiter and their questions reflected the recruiter's brief. Technical Qs - Take on 'Fizz Buzz', implement then reimplement with growing restrictions. Main technical question was straightforward and just involved thinking about the several edge cases involved and be comfortable with string manipulation. Know about cookies, HTTP response codes, SQL, databases, Google products, Google as a company/competitors.

How to use linux command xyz? What about abc? ...

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The presentation is the tricky step. The briefing for it was very light touch. LinkedIn colleagues offered many opportunities to discuss about it before the presentation itself. However the final overall impression I got was that the presentation was about the big picture, focusing on my abilities to explain a solution to an audience, to articulate ideas and rationale around a business case, to create a simple yet compelling presentation deck, to demonstrate confidence around technical topics at high level. During the presentation however, it became clear that the audience were technically skilled and were looking for the extra level of details. My complete mistake for not having those extra slides on the backup section.

How would you diagnose your friends computer not being able to access websites.

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Questions are covered by an NDA. The topics listed in the document provided to you before each interview are accurate, so make sure you study them. Not all topics will be covered due to time constraints, but brushing up / studying any given topic is never a bad thing.