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www.loom.com /  HQ: San Francisco

7 Interviews

2.4 Easy

Fruit of the Loom, Inc. Interviews

www.fotlinc.com /  HQ: Bowling Green, KY

34 Interviews / Part of Berkshire Hathaway

2.7 Average

Unique Loom Interviews

www.uniqueloom.com /  HQ: Fort Mill

2 Interviews

2.0 Easy

Loom Interview Questions

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Generic and zero thought as to what my process is, strengths are, what problems I enjoy or may have solved, nothing to to extent of how humanity and empathy may weigh in ones take on the craft.

1 Answer

It was of casual nature and the only one I had.

Are you ready to come back to the industry?

2 Answers

Name one word that your best friend would use to describe you.

1 Answer

Every other generic design mgmt question an hr person can find on google

I seemed to get the same questions from all interviewers

How would experience at your previous/current job help you in this position?

How well would you do with making connections ?

1 Answer

Can you pull 300 pieces of elastic per day?

1 Answer
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