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Assistant manager Interview Questions in Los Angeles, CA

"Assistant managers are needed in every industry to provide leadership and management support. Employers are looking for candidates with strong teamwork and organizational skills. In an interview, be ready to discuss your leadership experience, conflict management abilities, and knowledge of the industry for which you are applying."

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Why did you apply for panda? Introduce yourself General questions

5 Answers

I would like to work for panda because I read online and learned that this company gives out scholarships and I think that’s amazing and because I would make a very good impact on this company with my positive attitude and good work ethic

I am looking for management position and I have restaurant experience over the years and really enjoyed working in restaurant and thought that I would enjoy the combination of the two. And believe it would be a great environment for me. I do enjoy food industry

Because I know I will really help the company grow bigger, and I know i bring more customers, and help in the services of the kitchen.

What are some of your strengths?

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What is your name?

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Tell me about a tome when you had a conflict with a team member or co worker how did you go about resolving the conflict?

2 Answers

How to address personnel issues with people I was supervising

1 Answer

How long I had managed, how I lead my crew, Why I left my last job

1 Answer

Not many

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Do you have the energy for this job?

1 Answer

describe challenges, time management, reason for seeking work

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What do your parents do?

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