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Scenario: Try to convince me to upgrade to the $70 plan instead of the $50 plan

2 Answers

With the new plan you will have more minutes and text messages per month, I see you have gone over a few times in the past few months, with this plan you can prevent those high overage charges,

We know that you love chat with your couple and friends and we care about you! so If you upgrade to the $70 plan you’re gonna have unlimited minutes to call your girlfriend and keep her happy and unlimited text messages to chat with your friends. Also you have better benefits like a Netflix free account to the perfect date with your lovely partner, so you’re gonna save money watching a movie at home than taking her to the theater hahaha...

You're a new addition to the crayon box, what color would you be and why?

45 Answers

"This will be harder than anything you've done. Gauranteed. Still want to do it?"

7 Answers

"tell me about yourself" and "Tell me about a time you experienced conflict and how did you resolve it?"

3 Answers

How much do you produce

4 Answers

How do you conduct analysis of a system/customer site to determine what kind of solutions can be implemented

3 Answers

Why do you want to work here?

3 Answers

Tell me about yourself

3 Answers

Are you open availability ?

3 Answers

A case where were not satisfied with your boss? A case were you suggested a way to a problem and how proved yours is better? An example of project specification, design, presentation, … ? Example a case where at the last minute the results were not good/ were wrong? Recent advances or technologies used by LADOT? Any software you use which is related to transportation? One way and 2-ways road pros and cons? When should have a stop sign in a narrow street? How your education prepared you for your career? Do you see any transportation issue in your community? How to improve traffic in your community? Final question: Do you want to add anything that would like us to know about it?

2 Answers
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