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Give an example when I provided excellent customer service.

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Gave several examples when I have dealt with difficult people and what I did to make the person feel like they were being heard and that I genuinely cared that they were not satisfied.

Tell me how you would market our community.

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Tell me about the thing you are most proud of accomplishing in your life.

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Why do you want to work for Forever 21?

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What brands do you like that we carry? How would you sell a $300 pair of denim to someone who has never paid that much?

I arrived a few minutes before interview time and waited until an associate behind the cash wrap was available to let the manager know I was there. The employee was extremely cold and was very annoyed with telling the manager (on the walkie) I was there. I waited and walked around the store about five minutes or so when I was approached by the manager. Very warm and welcoming and I felt at ease with her immediately. We went back to her office and just began chatting and it was very relaxed and positive. We actually laughed a lot and talked for almost 90 minutes. I feel it was the best interview I ever had. So, the next step was talking to the managers fellow store manager she is also friends with. Okay. We set the day and time for my phone interview with another store manager. Fast forward. The conversation was awful. This woman proceeded to talk to me like I was six years old. She asked me pointless questions like "What would you do if an employee showed up wearing Nike's?" Uhhhh. Well, she never once asked me what experience I had so I used this as an opportunity to share how I've dealt with subordinates in the past. She also told me she would make sure "her friend" hired the right person so the store manager could have a good quality of life and not worry about everything. Okay. I'm rolling my eyes at this point...We ended the conversation nicely, but abruptly. That was two weeks ago. I have been completely ghosted. No call. No email. Nothing. The person I would be working with liked me and we hit it off immediately. Her friend and second opinion, I would probable not ever work with, took 30 minutes to judge me based on a horrible interview that she led. I'm still shaking my head at why someone's opinion matters more than the actual persons impression of me that I met, interviewed with and would be working for. I was a former employee with Ann Taylor for over three years with a good record. So this was a big waste of time and really killed my confidence.

Tell me about your experience in restaurant management.

What is one thing you would do to make sure weekly goals are met on time?

What can you do to increase the over all sales of the store?

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