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Credit Analyst Interview Questions in Los Angeles, CA

"Through exceptional IT, analytical, and problem solving skills, credit analysts are responsible for assessing their client's credit applications. Employers are looking for candidates who can accurately determine the risk if the bank were to issue someone a loan and therefore will ask about what financial statements you would focus on and the relationships between them. Expect situational questions about loss from a sale, capital gain, or negative net income. To ace your interview, research into the company and understand how their program is run."

Top Interview Questions

What brings you the most satisfaction in a job?

How many years of experience in credit do you have?

How does your previous work experience relate to the duties of this position?

Why this role? What do you know about project finance? What do you know about tax equity transactions? How is your experience relevant? Why do you think you would be a good fit? Etc.

Standard interview questions

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Tell me about yourself

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For Credit Analyst Positions, there are entry tests you have to take. Most of the questions involve Econ-Accounting related topics such as balance sheets.

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What are the relationship between the three major financial statements?

Please do a presentation of how you would communicate a problem loan?

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Has there been a time in college where you had to manage your time very effectively?