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design state machine to test 10110101... how many FF will be used

3 Answers

First design the FSM and get the number of state variables. The number of FFs is the number of state variables (each output depends on the current state (value) of its FF)


I think one FF for state vector is enough, other parts are logic gate to decide next state according to input, and logic gate for output according to state vector

how to generate a clock divide by 3

4 Answers

Suppose a theater company calls and requests that a drum be custom fitted to appear inside a large barrel and sounding a certain way. Describe the design process you would use to accomplish this.

1 Answer

Op-amps analysis

1 Answer

What would you be best performing at?

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I was asked a puzzle

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What is the difference between Gerber formats RS-274 and RS-274X?

1 Answer

For Embedded RTOS and uController's Single Task, Comparing performance.

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Technical questions.

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Smith charts for LNA matching + LNA design (gain/NF/IIP3 optimization) + Inductor design + RF Switch design + OpAmps/LDOs + Bandgaps

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