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Have you managed the entire payroll process from start to finish?

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Yes, I have over 7 years of payroll management experience and I have mastered the entire process from back to front.

How do you think your life would change if you worked here?

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Amazon/AtoZ expect that all employees exhibit leadership qualities, so they ask specific behavioral questions related to their leadership prinicples (which can be found online).

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Is actually a question I asked the COO - the HRD reports to him. What is your Employment Value Proposition, what differntiates you form other construction firms? He said the President would pay for quarterly lunches and talk the employees. Hardly, the answer I was looking for.

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Why Netflix?

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Situational questions

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What do you want in your next position?

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What is it that you can bring to this position? 1. I bring with me over 15 years working experience in a collegiate environment at the University of Utah, and more recently as a Professional Administrative Assistant. I excel at providing quality proficiency in customer service, financial support, budget control analyses, human resources, payroll processing both bi-weekly and monthly through EPICS/People-Soft, Oracle (RDBMS) and ADP Pay-force and reporting modules. I have an excellent attention to detail while maintaining a stellar & accurate work performance both in a team setting and with little to no supervision. 2. My primary involvement is with the PeopleSoft, HRIS financial management systems which include, multi- state grants and contracts payroll, Human Resources, Payroll and Benefits processing for 20,000+ employees not limited to but including State and Non-State employees, Sub-Contracts, Stipends and Honorariums. 3. I can handle a large quantity of paperwork and am very adept at multi-tasking and compartmentalizing. I am an extremely organized and a diligent worker, who truly enjoys working in a diverse work environment and an open door planned policy in all corporate, small business and educational sectors. I feel it is very rewarding to play a part in helping people and is always willing to jump in and play a part of a team effort to reach a common goal. 4. I am adept in Microsoft windows 7.0/ XP/Vista and familiar with office Suites, Excel, Word, Power-Point, Acrobat Adobe, and Outlook calendaring and many other office products detailed in my resume. I am comfortable with client meeting arrangements, Travel, both national and abroad and organizing systematic workshops for job training and client interfacing. 5.•Compensation •Benefits •Communication dynamics •Establishing HR systems •Labor and employment law

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The only question asked was, "Tell me what you're currently studying and 3 interesting things about yourself."

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Are you married or planning to start a family

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