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Target Interviews in Los Angeles

www.target.com /  HQ: Minneapolis, MN

498 Interviews in Los Angeles (of 10,527)

2.5 Easy

Macy's Interviews in Los Angeles

www.macysjobs.com /  HQ: Cincinnati, OH

445 Interviews in Los Angeles (of 6,730)

2.3 Easy

Wells Fargo Interviews in Los Angeles

www.wellsfargo.com /  HQ: San Francisco, CA

331 Interviews in Los Angeles (of 6,276)

2.8 Average

Interview Questions in Los Angeles

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You are in a boat in a pool with a rock in your hand. You throw the rock into the pool. Does the water level rise, drop, or stay the same?

10 Answers

depends on how big the pool is and how accurately you can measure the water rise

you're already in the pool with the rock, so the water displaced is the same...this other guy is stupid

If the rock were neutrally buoyant the water level would remain the same. It is heavier than water which causes it to displace more than its own volume while in the boat compared to at the bottom of the lake. Therefore the water level of the lake would go down.

merchandise a fixture.. tell me your story behind it ?

2 Answers

What would I do to improve and ensure product quality if given the job?

2 Answers

They asked a question that was somewhat confusing at the time but made a lot of sense later. They asked how I would deal with monitoring the work done by payroll administrators even as I was not their supervisor but was still responsible for the accuracy and quality of their work. Ironically, this question rang in my ears for a long time--it was definitely a dilemma.

2 Answers

What is cost of goods sold in a manufacturing environment?

2 Answers

What would you say are the minimal requirements needed to successfully manage a software development project?

3 Answers

What has been your active role in the team process you're currently working with?

1 Answer

Describe what we would see going on in your room during a typical math lesson ?

1 Answer

If you were asked to, would you break Union rules if directed to do so by Management?

2 Answers

How comfortable do you feel looking up information on clinical questions that you may not know the answer to?

1 Answer
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