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Leadership Development Program Interview Questions in Los Angeles, CA


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If you had a single mom employee (banker), who brought in tons of business and was absolutely stellar, what would you do if she wanted to leave because she was being offered a better paying job at your competitor's company? You have maxed out your salary budget as well.

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I emailed my interviewer (district manager) about this afterward; this was his reply: What I would say is to think of a solution without the parameters we set for you, as if you owned the business. The parameters (salary maximum and budgetary concerns) were there to throw you off. An entrepreneur would always solve a problem like a business owner. If the person brings tremendous value then why wouldn't you make an objective business case to keep them on board? A simple calculation would show that retaining this person is the right move for the bank.

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Tell me about a time that you failed?

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If I leave the office right now, what would be the three words you want me to use to describe you to other professionals?

Very behavioral-type questions like What was most difficult experience. or When did you regret a decision you made.

Typical behavior interview questions. Tell me about yourself, why Amazon, what can you bring to the table. Additionally 1 of the interviewers asked me a case type question on how you would monetize Amazon's Kindle Fire.

Tell me a time that you asked 5 why?

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Tell me about your life from the beginning up till now.