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Management Consultant Interview Questions in Los Angeles, CA


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They give you a brief business issue and ask "How would you frame the approach you are going to use to solve this business issue? Please describe why you think this is a good approach."

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Setup different phases. briefly describe the phases in detail and why they are in that specific order

Explanation of current system errors.

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I have a client that is dealing with X problem, how would you resolve it?

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How much training experience do you have? Have you ever trained in software?

Why PA Consulting?, Resume walk-through, Was told of various projects the company had worked on and asked for my thoughts on decisions made

What are some of the projects you have had in the past, and what skills have you learned from them?

Whats the one thing you are most proud of?

1st round: behavioural. Why Consulting? Why PwC? Situational "Tell me about a time when..." questions. 2nd round: 2 behaviourals and one case. Behaviorals are based on PwC's new value system called PwC Professional. The case is given 48 hours in advance and questions are given on the day of the interview and you get 45 minutes to think of the answers and make slides. questions are pretty're basically making recommendations for the client based on the case study and presenting to the interviewer in the form of a role play.