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Medical Assistant Interview Questions in Los Angeles, CA

Employers hiring medical assistants are looking for candidates with a mastery of both clerical and interpersonal skills. Expect to be quizzed on health care procedures as well as experience tending to patient needs. You may be asked to answer role-play question that will test your ability to handle difficult patients in a sympathetic and professional way. Be aware that many employers will expect candidates to be certified by the American Association of Medical Assistants.

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What is one of your weakness at work?

3 Answers

Seting my own goal with high expectations and not reaching the goal before the end of the day on a busy day.

My weakness at work is my speed. I'm very accurate in the work I do, but I take my time. These days, many people prefer fast workers over efficiency and accuracy. So, because of that, it's a weakness.

One of my weaknesses is also my speed. Sometimes I get too far ahead of myself and my team that I end up with nothing to do. I constantly need something to do and I enjoy exploring and learning so in another way it is a benefit.

Do you have a phlebotomy certificate?

2 Answers

describe yourself

2 Answers

Tell me more about yourself.

1 Answer

Why I was at my last job less then 2 months?

1 Answer

Personally I can't recall because I spoke with 1 lady first and then couple of days later another lady call's me and ask me to fill out some Documents & Sign them in DocuSign and started to fill them out and when it came for Me to Sign Them the MAJORITY were Signed ALREADY and NOT by Me.

1 Answer

Why do you want to work here

1 Answer

What city do you live in, how do you get to work

1 Answer

Why did you choose the medical field What are your weaknesses and strenghts Would you say you catch on very quickly, or do better once youve taken some notes?

1 Answer