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State of Wisconsin
Nurse Clinician was asked...December 7, 2019

A 55 year old man comes to the health unit, what would you do?

1 Answers

Answer everything you would do. For example you wouldn't take vitals. You would check BP, Check HR, Check Temp, etc. Do that with everything. Less

The University of Texas Medical Branch

Experiences in dealing with conflict.

1 Answers

Recounted a conflict with a former supervisor.

Boston Medical Center HealthNet Plan

provided hypothetical case scenario with multiple factors. asked to prioritize goals and then how to best address them

1 Answers

I prioritized the concerns as they apply to managing a member's health correctly per this manager's opinion Less

UW Health

How do you handle stress

1 Answers

By completing tasks on time. Making lists. Asking for assistance when needed.

Harris Health System

How would you handle a difficult CNA?

Emory Healthcare

Tell us about a time when you had a patient that had an unexpected outcome. How did you handle this?

Express Scripts

Tell me about a time you made a difference in a patient's life.


What was your favourite and least favourite moment throughout your nursing practice?

Harris Health System

Tell me about your self? What is the most challenging task you experienced so far and how you managed it? Tell me what you know about ACLS (if you are already certified) then start asking about STROKE. like what are kinds of stroke (classification, treatments, diagnostics)etc. If you had ACLS then its not a problem. What advancement/projects/initiative ideas you contributed to your previous company?

The Johns Hopkins Hospital

Why would you like to work at Hopkins?

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