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Retail Sales Consultant Interview Questions in Los Angeles, CA


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Why do you think AT&T focuses on customer service?

1 Answer

I believe that in this kind of business, word of mouth is the best way to advertise. Being able to provide excellent customer service made all my customers come back and tell other people about it. This way I can contribute to the company.

Given that my career had been ouside of Mobile Communications, why was I now seeking a position with Sprint.

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How did you generate profit for your previous employer and in what way was it effective?

1 Answer

I was asked how I would deal with an irritated customer.

1 Answer

How long would you like to stay with the company.

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Can you think of a time where you set up a goal and you failed to accomplish the goal, how did you feel and what did you do after to assure it was accomplished?

How would you position and accessory sale? Where did you work before? Can I see your metrics? Did you receive and accolades or rewards? Were you aggressive with sales? How else would you maximize a sale?

1 Answer

Honestly it wasn't too bad. Most question had to do with sales and how proficient I was with technology. Also asked if I liked talking to people.