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Sales Engineer Interview Questions in Los Angeles, CA

Sales engineers are responsible for pitching the technology or service of a company to possible buyers. Products need to be sold based on their performance and abilities and a sales engineer must be capable of conveying these qualities effectively to buyers. Interviews will feature various sales scenarios and test your ability to sell the type of product employers are offering.

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What do you know about our company?

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As this is quite an open question I was not sure what the interviewer was looking for. Make sure you know some financial, competitor and product information. The more information you have the better so prepare for about a 3 minute response on this one.

Are you able to travel?

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What is your experience with enterprises management systems?

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difference between you and others

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Overview of the sales process cycle.

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Why are you a good fit for sales? Describe an uncomfortable work situation and what did you do? What motivates and de-motivates you at work? One thing we should know about you? What top three locations do you prefer and why?

Describe a time that you had confrontation with a fellow worker/classmate and how you dealt with the situation.

Explain your resume

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Common interview questions: "Why do you want to work here?" "What experiences do you have with sales?" "Have you considered other jobs other than this one" "Have you read 'Spin selling'

Tell us about a time you advocated for something.