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How would you handle a situation where a doctor cancels last second before a lunch and learn?

3 Answers

Would suggest using the budget on another high-performing office in the territory to make best use of budget and to influence the business that matters most.

One possible answer: "I have actually had that happen to me. Fortunately, the food had not yet been paid for. Since the staff had all been prepared to attend the lunch and learn, I arranged for me to still meet with the staff, just without the food. During the (now non-lunch) meeting, I was able to present to the staff the features and benefits of my products *as they related specifically to them in their daily dealings with their patients*... I made sure to emphasize the ways that, by prescribing my medication, the physician would be 1) helping the patient in XYZ way, and 2) allieviating some of the staff's on-the-job hassle XYZ way (through fewer call-backs, or as the case may be). The staff booked me for a follow-up lunch in a couple of weeks. During that follow-up lunch and learn, I was able to finally have the long-detail discussion that I had originally planned to have with the physician with the added benefits of having the staff on my side, echoing what they had experienced, in the past few weeks, as benefits of my products."

If staff is available and agrees to lunch and learn continue to feed the staff and present to them your product. Staff are the extra eyes and ears of the physician and are also important in pharm. Remember besides TV commercials, word of mouth is also powerful!

If you could be any animal what would that be?

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Why have your numbers not consistently grown?

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They use a STAR technique to ask questions. So they may ask, "Tell me about a time that you had to tell someone no". Tell us the Situation, the Task, the Action, and the Result.

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What are my long term goals

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Plan your day based on these given criteria. Some are more urgent then others and you have a firm party plan at the end of the day that you can not miss.

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Do you work better alone or in a team?

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"Why Wine and Spirits?"

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Is it okay to miss a deadline? If so, when?

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why work here and not sell insurance instead

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