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YPhone files a suit against XCell for damages associated with stealing a proprietary technology, how would you evaluate the damages?

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There are a variety of ways to approach it, but basically you need to describe a few methods for the valuation of lost sales due to XCell stealing market share from YPhone. One approach is to look at expected sales by coming up with a historical data model. Another approach could be model the situation as discontinuous innovation and computational reconstruct what sales should have looked like in the absence of the competitor. Finally, you could create a comparison model based on other similar technologies and their sales figures. Moreover, the damages could result from more than just sales. Damages could come from the costs associated with a need to change marketing tactics, and the costs stemming from filing the lawsuit itself.

were you contacted via phone/email by Cornerstone to let you know you didn't go through to the second round? if so, how long after the interview were you contacted?

Good question. I called the company on a Monday morning to follow up approximately one week after my phone interview. Although at the time there was no one available who could inform me about my status, I was allowed to leave a phone message. A few days later, I got a call in response to my phone message informing me that they were sorry to say there would not be a position available for me. Since it had already been a week and a half since my phone interview, I was already fairly certain that this was the case. Grateful to be informed, I thanked them for the interview opportunity and wished them well. I want to note that the employee from the firm who called me was very respectful and invited me to go ahead and apply for a full time position in the fall if I was still interested. Overall it was a positive experience, and I am happy to have had the chance to interview with them.

What are the factors that go into valuing an option contract? The follow up question was what are the Option Greeks and how do they related to each other (this was the hard one, but he seemed satisfied that I knew even half of them).

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How to calculate retained earnings?

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Technical interview questions straight out of the Breaking Into Wall Street Guides. Also needed to be able to talk about a recent deal that caught my interest.

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I believe everyone needs to have a passion, what are you passionate about?

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So what do you know much about ADP?"I am somewhat familiar and she went on to tell me more"

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Infrastructure guy asked me how I would cost a new stadium in LA, from land to construction, contracting, materials, etc, plus how the financing would work, regulations, etc. Very tough.

In 30 seconds, why do you think you are a good fit for Analysis Group?

Tell me about a time you failed and what you did about it?

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Why does this role interest you and how do you think you can fit into our team?

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