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Ally Financial
Loss Mitigation Specialist was asked...October 29, 2018

Describe a time you had a conflict with and employee, what was it how did you handle it?

2 Answers

How long did it take to get the job offer?

I got the job offer 2 days after my interview

JPMorgan Chase & Co

Because I came from self employment the questions that were most difficult for me were questions about reviews and how I handled situations where I disagreed with my supervisor.

1 Answers

I explained that in my previous employment I did not have anyone directly above me to answer to but gave an example of how I would handle a conflict if one should arise. Less

RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing

They asked specific questions about Loss Mitigation and the qualifications for specific workouts.

1 Answers

Answered appropriately.

Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing

What kind of work ethic do you bring to the table? Are you able to work in high stress environments? Are you adaptable?

1 Answers

I am a strong-willed person with goals for a bigger career within the company. I am able to adapt and also able to work through issues in order to thrive. Less


Job requires alot of phone interaction with customers (call center). How are you with people?

1 Answers

Passion to help customers, Encourage Citi brand

Robert Half

The interviewer walked in the room and stated "Tell me about yourself and your longtime goals and why you are here today"....whenever you're ready"

1 Answers

Never had an interview start like that....

Green Tree Servicing

The interview is very difficult, they ask alot of questions so you would expect they hire top performers, they will hire someone with no experience if you are cute enough. when interviewing with HR be professions when interviewing with sups/managers ..flirt

SunTrust Mortgage

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now

1 Answers

Married , in better shape with a masters and bachelors degree .

Recovco Mortgage Management

What is RFD

1 Answers

Reason for default


Tell me about yourself. then the conversation will branch off from there.

1 Answers

gave a complete overview of knowledge and history, including projects i worked on and success stories and accomplishments Less

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