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Because I came from self employment the questions that were most difficult for me were questions about reviews and how I handled situations where I disagreed with my supervisor.

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I explained that in my previous employment I did not have anyone directly above me to answer to but gave an example of how I would handle a conflict if one should arise.

What would make me excel as an underwriter?

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The interviewer walked in the room and stated "Tell me about yourself and your longtime goals and why you are here today"....whenever you're ready"

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What thing do you like to do least?

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Have you ever been in put in a situation where you where very angry in a public place, and how did you handle the situation.

I was given i scenario involving an elderly homeowner and there wasnt really a right answer.

What was your responsibilities at your last position? Does this job description sound like something you would be interested in?

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The most difficult question was what you would do with management that was not doing a proper job.

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